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Data shows that EV sales rose 80% in 2021.  The EV buyer’s market has increased because the price point for EV vehicles have become more affordable. Average consumers are now able to afford an EV car because car manufacturers are working on targeting the market share for the everyday driver.

Getting a Level 2 charging station installed in your home is more budget friendly than most people realize.  There might be tax credits and rebates offered in your state that will off set the cost for installation.  Over 50% of EV owners prefer to charge at home, but charging can be a bit slow because the Level 1 charging unit that came with the car, charges about 3-5 miles per hour, or about 11-20 hours for a full charge.  With a Level 2 charger, the charge time can be as quick as 1-4 hours.

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Why Install A Level 2 Charging Unit in Your Home?

  • Increased Convenience–Most EVs charge at home.
  • Fully charge EV in 1-4 hours compared to 11-20 hours from a 110 outlet.
  • Set custom charging times on your app to charge during non-peak hours for reduced electricity costs.
  • Increases property value of a home.

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