Most frequent questions and answers

In some cases, major brands won’t honor a warranty unless a Certified installer of their product installs it for you.  We are certified to install all major brands on the market.   

We are certified to install: Charge Point, Enel X Juice box, Sema Connect, Wall box, Blink, and Juice Bar units.

The average price to install a charging unit can vary due to the needs of a client–Commercial, Residential, Fleet Services, or Maintenance. A proper evaluation will need to be done before we can determine the cost.  Many homes might not have adequate space to add a breaker, and some homes might need to upgrade their panel. For commercial, the power might be enough, but the amount of underground work needed to get power to the units needs to be determined through a visit of the facility.  There are no cookie cutters in this industry of EV charging, but we do know how to get things done to power up your EV charging units.  Give us a call for a free consultation.

CorPower currently services Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri.